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Rent a home during the Hausples Flash Sale

and we pay you 1 week rent back!*


Welcome to the Online Flash Sale 2021 event!

For a limited time only, you will be able to secure special deals on properties for rent or sale listed on this website.

Discounts on properties will be revealed at 9 am Thursday 13 May and the event will close at 5pm Saturday 15 May 2021. At the conclusion of the event property discounts will no longer be available.

Register to participate in the event
Choose the developments or resale properties you are interested in online
Make a reservation to secure the best price
Meet the developer to close the deal
If you don't buy, we will refund you the reservation fee

As a further incentive to help property seekers find a home, is now giving 1 full week worth of rent back in cash to all users that successfully rent a property during the 3 day event! *(Applies only to selected properties that have the ribbon "1 week rent cash back").

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