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How it works

How It Works

Welcome to the Online Flash Sale 2021 event!

For a limited time only, you will be able to secure special deals on properties for rent or sale listed on this website.

Discounts on properties will be revealed at 9 am Thursday 13 May and the event will close at 5pm Saturday 15 May 2021. At the conclusion of the event property discounts will no longer be available.

Register to participate in the event
Browse through properties
Submit a reservation to secure the discount
Meet the agent to close the deal

Are you ready for 2021s most exciting property sales event? Register today!

How do you reserve a discount online?

To secure the discount on a property, click on the "Reserve Discounts" button and fill in your contact details. As a one stop solution, we can also refer you to a bank, insurance company, white and brown good supplier to service your needs better.


What will happen after reserving a discount online?

After you submit a reservation, the agency managing the property will contact you to arrange an inspection of the property and close the deal.
Once you have decided to go ahead with your purchase or rental, the agent will apply the discount you have secured during the event.

What happens if more than one reservation has been made on the same property?

Preference will be given to reservations based on the order they are received. For example, if the first person that made a reservation does not rent or buy the property, the second person that made a reservation will be next in line.